Woman Files For Divorce After Seeing This Photo


Unsure of what happens behind her back, Sara decides to find out what Mark, her husband is up to and doesn’t let any boundaries stand in her way of validating her concerns.

In a family photo, one seemingly normal, something catches Sara’s eye and leads her to the conclusion that a divorce is the only choice available.

This begs the question, what caught Sara’s eye in the photo? Why is this occurrence so heavy that it leads to a divorce? What is the Marks big secret and how will it shape what happens to the family?

Trying to find out Mark’s big secret, Sara is willing to resort to measures she wouldn’t normally employ. She needs access to his computer and gets the old paper where his password is written. When she’s in, she can finally see what is on the photos…

Getting into Marks computer


It doesn’t take long before Sara comes across what she’s seeking. She paces herself before proceeding to open the folder. What she sees inside however, perplexes her. In one of the photos, she observes something…

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