The Best Sleeping Positions for Good Health

When was the last time you slept like a baby? Well, they say people who claim that they sleep like a baby usually don’t have a baby. But whether you sleep like a baby or like a drunk, sleep is something most of us spend between 6 and 8 hours doing every night. Therefore, it is important that we sleep in the right position everytime as anything contrary will impinge on our health ultimately.

So which are the best sleeping positions, and which should we desist from?



Sleeping On Your Stomach



Source: Pexels

This may very well be the commonest sleeping position. But it is the worst way to sleep. In this position, the spine is in an unnatural posture, and the joints and muscles are burdened when they should be relaxed. Furthermore, sleeping in this prone position can cause breasts to sag due to gravitational pull. It can also cause your face to wrinkle prematurely with all that constant rubbing of your pillow fabric against your face all night long. The one redeeming quality for sleeping prone may be that you snore less. Maybe, because this is contested by some sleep therapists.

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