Make Your Life Superior With These 31 One Of A Kind Life Hacks.

30.  Simple, Reusable, DIY Ice Pack Kit.

Ice Packs are one of those things you don’t know you need until you need them. They can be very handy in summer when you just need to cool down for sunburns or injuries. Luckily, with this simple hack, you no longer have to buy icepacks; you can make your reusable icepack with nothing more than a Ziploc freezer bag, water, and rubbing alcohol. Here’s the formula; take  1 part rubbing alcohol and add it to 3 parts water, mix properly, then pour the mixture into your Ziploc bag. You can add some glitter to the mixture if you want a little flair. Then go ahead and freeze the bag, and use and reuse it as much as you like!

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