Make Your Life Superior With These 31 One Of A Kind Life Hacks.

27. A Portable, Personal Masseuse For You.

Muscle knots can develop across our body at any time of the day, and if you’ve ever experienced one, you know it’s not a very nice feeling. Sure, you could always break up the knot if you go to the spa and get a good massage, but what about when you can’t go there? Or the times when you can’t afford a massage at the moment? With KorePulse, you don’t have to worry about that.

KorePulse is a muscle therapy tool that uses advanced vibration wave therapy to break up the knots in your muscle tissue and increase circulation. It has four different vibration settings, so it can pulse at softcore or hardcore (pun intended), depending on the intensity of your knots.

When you use Korepulse, you feel the pressure leaving your muscles, and you’ll feel incredible for a long time, even after you’re done.

KorePulse is very rechargeable, light, and portable, so that you can carry it everywhere. You can use KorePulse on any area of your body that needs muscle to be de-knotted. You just roll it over the affected area and watch it do its magic.

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