3 Essential Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

They Said Practice makes a man Perfect. But You should know how to make best out of your Practice Session.

If you want to improve your golf swing easily and in a short amount of time you need to start focusing on the small simple things. If you take two or three tips and concentrate on them first until they are completely mastered, then your golf swing will improve very quickly.

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Here are three simple tips to improve your Golf swing

Tip 1: Work on your mental fitness.
First things first, everything you do is a result of your thinking. If you visualize the process of your shot first then usually your body will respond with that exact motion. Think of everything you do when you hit the ball, from foot placement, to backswing, to follow through, the works. Their are various methods to relax the brain, yoga (consult with the guys for counseling idaho falls), tai chi and so on, but I recommend a Golfing Fitness Guide to provide maximum results.

Tip 2: Film yourself taking a shot.
This is a really simple and effective way to break down your shot frame by frame and analyse it at every point. If you dont have a camcorder some digital cameras have a recording option or just borrow one. This method is one of my favourites as you can see all your flaws and you know exactly where you need to put some more training in.

Tip 3: Work on your stance.
If your stance is wrong to start with then you might as well go home straight away. A solid and important stance is essential or you may find yourself slicing or hooking your shots. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and be slightly ahead of the ball. Make sure your your head is down and eyes are fixed firmly on the ball. You can assess yourself on you video and compare it to professionals.

As with anything you need to take small steps and be persistent and patient. If you implement these tips into your game I guarantee you will see rapid improvement, but you need to take it upon yourself to be motivated to better your game otherwise all the tips in the world wont be able to help you.