27 of the Best Cheap Travel Destinations for 2021

4. Krabi, Thailand




If you are looking to visit a tropical beach for a vacation, then the Pranang beach is definitely worth the visit; it is located in Krabi, Thailand. There are not many places that can make you come back for more; thankfully, Krabi is one of them. The word ‘exotic’ does not come even close when it comes to describing this place.

Krabi offers you a four-island trip around Tup Island, Koh Gai or Chicken Island, Poda, Phra Nang Cave, and around the Phi Phi Island, which will undoubtedly surprise you. Along the Aong Nang Beach area, you will find many local restaurants and food outlets that will provide you with fresh sea delicacies and other types of international cuisines. All you need to do is pack your bags and travel to this place.

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