21 Exciting Facts About Animals That You Won’t Find in School Books

Isn’t it amazing how there are so many different animal species on our planet?! And, what’s even more amazing is that we don’t know all the facts about them. For example, did you know that dogs aren’t completely color bling as we thought before? Nope, they see colors only their spectrum is much narrower than ours and they see fewer color shades than we do.
If this fact was interesting, wait till you find out much more in our list of the 21 exciting facts about animals that you won’t find in school books! Enjoy!


1. Kangaroos


Kangaroos have amazingly muscled legs but their main “spring” for their characteristic jumps is actually their tail. They get the most kinetic energy when pushing their tail against the ground before each jump. So, for example, if a kangaroo is near water and his tail is in the water, if something comes up, he wouldn’t be able to jump high and far since his tail would simply sink… 

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