21 Brave Women Who Prove Gray Hair Looks Really Gorgeous

Having grey hair is a lifestyle. Nowadays everyone is trying to hide their natural beauty and prefer to follow specific guidelines and beauty trends. Contrariwise, these women embrace and proudly present their natural beauty therefore they become a great example for everyone that is still afraid of showing their own natural grey hair. Their courage is inspiring and their beauty is boundless.



Most people think gray hair is an unpleasant phenomenon and almost everyone tries to hide it as soon as possible.  The misconception that grey hair is not elegant nor attractive has now been disproved. Martha Truslow Smith bravely confronted stereotyping and decided not to hide her silver locks anymore. To motivate others to be proud of their hair, she has created an Instagram profile where women can proudly show their natural grey color and tell their stories. If you agree that everyone is beautiful for just the way they are, then check out the following pictures.

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