20 Adorable Photos of Baby Highland Cattle Calves

A lot of people love pictures of baby animals because they are usually very cute and  adorable. While many moon over kittens, puppies and the likes, not many have had the good fortune of seeing pictures of a unique animal that is particularly very adorable as a baby. In this article, we will introduce you to the world of adorable highland cattle calves.

Highland cattle are a Scottish breed of cattle that is known for its wavy coats and long horns. Its coat can be colored red, yellow, silver, white, black and a few other colors.

Their thick wavy coat is perfect for the highlands with its cool temperatures and their calves are so so adorable.

Let’s look at these 20 lovely pictures.

Picture 1


Aw! Aint he cute? You can see and almost feel the trust and innocence in those cute eyes. How could anyone possibly not love this? This certainly is a picture you can look at all day and still find comforting and reassuring.

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