18 famous movie scenes with and without special effects

The entertainment world constantly sees innovation. Special effects and extras are one of those and they are a big deal. Although these additions are not new, it has helped the feedback from viewers. Technology has impacted movie production to be more relatable and realistic.

Towards the production of captivating movies, CGI has become a vital element. Hence helping movie makers stay on top of their game. CGI aims for results; to change the way the viewer sees the movie by arresting attention, engaging the mind, and making the movie truly spectacular.

According to details from an Instagram post, CGI gives an attractive depth to movies. The concept showcases film scenes in a new and different light. This article is an exposition of 18 movie scenes. It discusses shots with and without embellishments, also called special effects from some of your favorite films.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest (2006)


It is hard not to love Pirates of the Caribbean since the 2006 production showcased amazing effects. The famous octopus head of Davy Jones, the movie’s villain, is simply a classic. Although the film made its debut into the entertainment World about 15 years ago, the CGI is quite impressive. When compared with present CGI elements, the differences stand out. The work is a timeless classic in originality, authenticity, and cinematic outlook.

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