15 Photos Of Climate Change Proving That We Are In Serious Trouble


The following presentation proves that global warming and climate change are a real threat to humanity. Our planet is sending us warning signs every day but we choose to continue the destruction. Our largest jungles are burning down, people lose their homes because of heavy rain floods, massive glaciers, our biggest sweet water reservoirs are melting and we are still not acting to save the world. The natural systems, people, animals, and so much more that we care about are at risk. This is our chance to do something before it is too late. We can only save it together, and we have to act now. If we will destroy our planet there is nowhere else to go.

If you care about the climate crisis please check out the following article to see what happened to our beautiful Planet Earth recently.

1. The Pedersen Glacier in Alaska


The images show the Pedersen Glacier in Alaska, with the top image presenting the glacier’s shape 100 years ago while the second image shows the current look of it. The fact that a glacier, which has been covered with ice for several years, has now become a mountain lying in a green meadow is deeply thought provoking. Since 1880, the Pedersen Glacier lost more than 1,300 meters from its length and the melting process has drastically accelerated since then.

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