15 Hilarious Alpacas

There is no denying the fact that Alpacas are cute beyond belief. Their silly faces can really brighten any gloomy day. We also highly believe that their hairstyles all deserve a column of their own. However, they are not only renowned for their quirky good looks and hilarious faces. They are also known for possessing some of the silkiest, most versatile fiber found in nature. They bear a specialty fiber that is stronger than mohair, smoother than silk, finer than cashmere, and softer than cotton.

1. Flower boy


Are you aware of the fact that alpacas make some interesting sounds when their mouths are filled with grass and flowers? Alpacas, most commonly, hum and haw. They hum when they are bored, distressed, content, curious, or worried.  And, during breeding, the male alpaca emits a peculiar throaty vocalization called “orgling.”

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