15 Crazy Useful Things You Did Not Know How to Use Properly

There are some things that are right under our noses every day that we would never believe how useful they can really be. This is usually because we never really got to know how to properly use them. Believe me, some of these items and their uses will shock you.

Let’s not keep you waiting any longer. We will look at 15 items that are crazy useful but you never knew because you did not know how to use them properly or that they could even be used that way.

1. Have You Taken Note of the Indentation Inside a Tic Tac Lid?


Take a close look at that lid and say what do you think that indentation as seen in the image above is for? Some people think it is to help properly seal the lid to avoid air leaking in. Well, while it actually does that, it also functions as a serving tool as it helps offer up one tic tact at a time.

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