100-Year-Old Photos Of The Most Beautiful Women Of The Last Century

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Nowadays, however, we have to force ourselves to notice beauty in a wide variety of faces. Those women from the past are undoubtedly very natural, so their beauty can be called real. If you also believe in natural beauty, check out the following photos from the era before Botox, wrinkle suturing, and plastic surgery.


1. Ione Bright


In the picture above we can see the portrait of Ione Bright. This mysterious woman was a minor Broadway actress. She appeared in a few plays only, therefore, we are left just with some haunting photos of her. She was described as the woman with otherworldly beauty. It’s always a little strange to look at a photo that someone took more than 100 years ago because we’re basically looking at the past through a time machine. We can see a human being who lived in a world so unbelievably different from ours and whose beauty lives forever through a photograph.

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